The story of two cities, earthquake in china

made soundslide

made soundslide

Until today, the death toll had reached 156 in the earthquake in China. The magnitude has been recorded as 7.0. more than 5,000 people injured only in the city of Yaan. The earthquake struck first at 8:02 on 20th of April, 2013. The location was N30.3, E103.0. The depth of the earthquake was 15km.

Yaan is only 215km from the centre of the 2008 earthquake, Wenchuan, which saw almost 70,000 people died.

Among the grief, tears and horrific pictures, we heard some extraordinary stories.

A 49 year-old lady embraced her 7 year old son to cover him from the falling debris, and she eventually saved her boy and died.

A mum stayed with his son even her son pleaded her to escape. She later lifted 100-pound plus piece of wall to save her son. She was shocked herself by the extra strength she displayed in the ordeal.

A 12 year old girl badly injured herself after trying to cover her 2 year old brother.

A woman gave birth to a little girl in the garage of a hospital during the earthquake.

The reporter from the local television reported the earthquake in front of the camera wearing a wedding dress as she was getting married when it all happened.

This is another test on Chinese people’s emergency respond ability, humanity and morality. We can see the huge differences between these two earthquakes which are parted by 5 years. The army and emergency unit respond more quickly, so did the government. People are more organised when trying to evacuate. This result in less people dead, even the magnitudes from these two earthquakes are close to each other.

However, similar to the Wenchuan earthquake, the Yaan earthquake also exposed the quality problems in buildings. The fact not a lot of buildings took into account of earthquake factor even after the Wenchuan event saddens me.  It is the time for Chinese government to invest more resources on improving the building quality in China especially in the affected area.


A beautiful life

Lu Lingzi, the Chinese graduate student from Boston University, died in the Boston Marathon bombing last Monday.

She had been in Boston since last autumn. She fell in love with the legendary city straight away. She liked the city, the people, her teachers and her classmates. She liked the Copley Square, and she pass away there. She left forever, from her classmates, her parents, her neighbours and all the people who loved her.

She was only young, full of hope. She hoped she would find a job she liked after graduation. She hoped she could have a family of her own and live happily after. However her dream was shattered by the cruel reality. Now she was gone. Never will she feel the warmth from her mother’s hand. Never will she be touched by the love of her admirer. Her life was only started, but was then was ended helplessly by cold blood criminals.

In the letter posted by her parents in New York Times, her parents asked people to remember her, remember of her being hopeful and positive. There was no hatred in the letter, for the love is the most powerful weapon.

She smiled to the camera on the photo she posted on the face book, as if she knew her spirit will bring positive energy to this world, to the people around her, no matter what happened.

Let’s remember her, by embracing our lives like she did.

Lingzi, may you rest in peace!

Why Jews like Shanghai?

Shanghai has attracted a lot of foreign investment and enterprises, although recent financial crisis attacked this city, but shanghai has retained most of foreign companies. The reason for this can attribute to many reasons, but one of them I will mention follow is that this city has very close connection with Jews.

watch video here for shanghai Jewish museum

Now days there’re many people from other countries move to shanghai for various reasons. Many resident communities are described by local people as “the united nations”, tenets that are often coming from dozens of countries and regions in the world. Local people use “Lao Wai” to describe people from abroad, with different color skin with us.

Many ‘Lao Wai’ are white people, who have high nose, blue color eyes. But if observe carefully, most of them they are Jew.

Local people think Jews are amazing. Jews are thought to good at doing business, at this point which is quite similar with south east overseas Chinese. They are wisdom, they are also hard work. In 1930’s, many of them are the winner in the market. We heard lot about is Germanic people who do not good with business like Jews, they own debt with Jew, they felt jealous, they can’t find reason to get rid of debt, later they have no way but using evolution-ism  claim Jews are inferior than Germany. At beginning they want to drive them away, but later they think to kill them all. At that time, shanghai received large numbers of Jews. Shanghai became a place of refuge for Jews in old days. Recent, many Jews hold with appreciation to come to visit their old place.

interview and also a history with Jews in shanghai:

“Shanghai was a multicultural city and the Japanese controlled the city’s Chinese populations. There were elite Sephardic Jews from Iraq, Syria and other parts of the Middle East who had long lived and prospered in Shanghai, as well as the new immigrants from Germany. They were later to be joined by Jews from Lithuania and Poland. The British ruled the International Settlement. The more comfortable Jews had built a community in Shanghai replete with synagogues and schools …” From p. xvi —Strange Haven: A Jewish Childhood in Wartime Shanghai by Sigmund Tobias

‘Shanghai Ghetto’ a Films about Jews live in shanghai during old days:

Shanghai Ghetto

Shanghai Ghetto

other reading:  ‘the Jews of shanghai: uncovering the archives and stories’  by Raymond Pun, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, General Research Division

Top 10 anti-terrorist movies that make people feel suffocated

Local time 15th April 2013, the bomb event happened at the end line of Boston marathon competition, which push the American people who haven’t completely get rid of 9.11 shadows to the front-line to anti-terrorist again. Terrorism is like cancer dangerous for our society, and it is enemy for the our entire human in the world. Thus long period of anti-terrorist is always important subject to maintain the safety of nation and society, it also keep enthusiasm for director in the film production. In This blog post follow, I will list and short discus top 10 anti-terrorist genre film productions that make people feel shock and suffocated.

  1. <world trade center>
    <World trade center> happened after five years of 9.11, is the film which positive describe terror attack. Using 9.11 as background, also using the surviving of two American police who were weighed down by ruins to stand out vigorous live awareness of American people, thus spreading a optimistic feeling. When scene went through the ruins, wounded citizens moaning on the ground, make people feel touching, and hardly not to blame the terrorism.

    world trade center

    world trade center

  2. <flight 93>
    It is another film about terror event born in Hollywood after five years 9.11 event. No one knows what happened during the fighting at that time, even at present, the film make realistic show for terrorism. Director endeavor to show plane’s environment and people’s status, which seemly make us feel that it would happen to everyone, it is also our response to face hopeless situation. Then scene of <flight 93> may fulfill touching, warmth feeling of human, but behind these feelings of farewell is still terrorism’s dark hand which hang over everyone.

    flight 93

    flight 93

  3. <homeland>
    <Homeland> is one modified by Israel’s episode, its anti-terror, suspicion subject American television. ‘Homeland’ tell us truth, terrorist are not look like with thick beard, sinister eyesight, oppositely, they may live exit beside everyone else. Often when disaster happened, people felt regret somehow but it’s too late. So, ‘homeland’ shows terrorism with different angles further real, and once emphasis its threat coming from silence but with horrible violent ending.



A long way to world peace

Martin Richard

The 8-year-old Boston bombing victim Martin Richard pictured here holding a banner with the word PEACE.

The picture of the man whose legs were taken off by the bombing in Boston Marathon still terrifies me. The two bombs went off on Monday killed three people and injured more than 180 others.

Why? Who did this and why? Why those innocent people who run for charity? There are a lot of speculations, but who did this remains an open question. The only thing we know is whoever did this are cold-blooded criminals, but nothing else. It could be the right-wing extremists, Al-Quaed members, North Koreans etc. It is a cowardly attack, the American government would say. It is a cowardly attack. But it sounds familiar? Right? Did American freedom fighters never carry on guerrilla warfare and were named as such in their independent war? However we should not compare righteous guerrilla warfare with terrorist attacks at innocent people, but if this attack was the revenge for Americans doings in the Middle-East or other part of the world, then who is also to be blamed?

It is always easy to blame somebody else for what happened. But is it the time to promote peace globally not just in your own land? If people believe you have brought war and killing to their land, they will try to do the same to you, either in the form of war, if they are powerful enough, or in the form of terrorism if they are not. Should the US government reconcile what they have done to provoke this to happen, while they are carrying desperately man-hunting for the suspects? It looks like over the thousands of years of human history, the superpowers never learn. You may condemn the act and retaliate with mighty power you have, but just remember you are also responsible for your people’s safety of lives.

[View the story “34 Photos From Vigils For Martin Richard And All Victims Of Boston Marathon Bombings” on Storify]

Before the iron man, there was an iron lady

China-Hong Kong 1997

China-Hong Kong 1997

Today, the remains of the former British Prime Minister, Baroness Margret Thatcher, were transferred from Royal Hospital of Chelsea to St. Pauls Cathedral for funeral. People of London paid tribute to the iron lady who led Britain through the turbulent years of 1980s. Now six feet under, may she rest in peace, though a lot people died in violent and regret as result of her uncompromising policies. If the connections of Thatcherism and great economic damage, deregulation, local authority shortages are anywhere open to debate, the hunger strike and poll tax are definitely marked by her finger prints. She had a hard job to do, but she also chose to do it in a hard way. There were other prime ministers who had hard jobs to do as well, but not all of them had to turn against their people and the rest of the world at times.

She was remembered by Chinese because of the 1982 negotiation of return of Hong Kong with then Chinese president Deng Xiaoping. Her proposal of a continued British presence in the territory was bluntly refused by Deng. She was so upset she fell on the stairs when came out of the meeting hall. She probably never felt this bad and compromise this much before, not in H-blocks and Falklands War.

May she rest in peace! Just as said, let’s remember her not as a personnel of  ‘ism’, but as a person, with flesh and bones, a women who devoted herself to the country she loved.

“Thatcher had been influential all around the world, including China where she is best remembered from her visit in 1982 to meet Chairman Deng Xiaoping.  But no matter what was discussed or agreed upon that day (I dunno, Hong Kong ’97 maybe), Thatcher may be best remembered by Chinese for an accidental fall on the steps of the Great Hall of the People.”

the hidden gem in town



I had a very special dinner with my boyfriend today. We went to the new Lao Hot Pot restaurant in Parnell Street. We arrived at the restaurant at around 7 o’clock in the afternoon. It was very busy. There was no free table. We have to wait 40 minutes before we were led to a table.

The reason why it is so busy is because it is the first hot pot buffet restaurant in Ireland. It means that the very authentic Chinese food finally arrived in Ireland. Thirty odd years ago, when Hong Kong Chinese started to open restaurant in Ireland, they brought in with them Chinese food. However, their food might have been much Europeanized. Main land Chinese started to come to Ireland since 1998, once there was as many as 80,000 Chinese in Ireland. Restaurant with more authentic Chinese food were since being opened. Believe or not, Ireland has the most authentic Chinese food in Europe. You are talking about Chinese started to come into UK, France or Germany since 100 years ago and there are hundreds of Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam. But their food had adopted the local taste to try to survive. While in Dublin, where the majority of Chinese are from mainland, as oppose to other countries where most Chinese are from Hong Kong. They opened restaurant to meet the demand from the Chinese community, hence the authentic taste. A lot of adventurous Irish come into these restaurant to try something new, even its very hard for them to order in these restaurants.

This hot pot buffet brought authenticity to another level. While Chinese food is popular, still hot pot remains a Chinese favorite  Many westerners are not able to try it because its taste and its demand of skills of chopsticks. I bet this will be the only of its kind in the whole Europe. In a small sense, it signaled Dublin has catching up really quickly as a metropolitan city in Europe.

a video shows hotpot eating culture in china:

How to make a easy tradition Chinese hotpot in your own house: