Hi my name is Jue Wang, I am a student from Griffith college Dublin, I study in media journalism in third year, this blog is my first blog which I have to set up for my last year online journalism project, I pretty happy with writing blog so far, I am not very good at online blog stuffs at beginning, I hope after I practice everything will turn out better.


I live in Dublin Ireland at moment, its small city compared to my original birth place shanghais, but I like it, here has very fresh air anyway. I study abroad, I live with my boy friend, the pity thing for me is I can’t keep a pet at present due to our live condition, apartment. Dublin is a very busy place where fulfill different nationality people, you can always hear different language when go to anywhere, but well mainly speak English, my English wasn’t too good, otherwise I will feel it’s easy job for myself to write this English blog, well I still need to practice.


Writing blog, practice for journalism skill online, prepare for future job opportunity, writing the things I got interested in, focus things and keep myself busy…etc. FOR COLLEGE WORK!!!



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